Rob Petterson

Tell us about your family

Paula Petterson is my wife. We have two sons, Alex (a genetic counselor) and William (studying to be a physics teacher). I grew up in the Episcopal Church and my parents, who live in Williamsburg Virginia, remain very active in their parish. I also have one sister, who also lives in Virginia.

What are some of your hobbies? 

Traveling, photography (particularly birds and animals), playing piano, genealogy

What do you like most about OSLC? 

I appreciate very much the welcoming spirit for all. I enjoy the choirs and singing with the congregation and I find the preaching interesting and often thought-provoking. I am also impressed with the Outside Our Walls ministry and outreach and our willingness as a congregation to learn and explore outside of our comfort zone.

Why do you want to serve on church council?

I am happy to give back to our church community by sharing some of my time and talents. I hope to partner with the rest of the council to help lead our church into our shared future, helping us to grow not only on our individual and congregational spiritual journeys, but also in our outreach and support for the communities in which we live and beyond.

You can reach me at: