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Faith Family Hospitality Program

Faith Family Hospitality (FFH) is the overnight housing program of Family Housing Network, which supports families in Fort Collins who are experiencing homelessness. FFH accommodates up to four
guest families (22 parents and children) at a time. This interfaith project unites diverse faith
communities (24 throughout Fort Collins) through a shared mission to reduce homelessness in Fort
Collins. Fifteen host congregations, some supported by a partner congregation, rotate each week to
welcome FFH guest families into their buildings. Self-directed volunteer teams, following established
FHN Guest and Host Guidelines, provide for the range of hosting duties. Over 1300 volunteers work
together to provide housing for these families 365 days/year.

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church partners with St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and Temple Or Hadash to host
FFH families for one week every quarter or 2 weeks twice a year.

Each family who comes to a FFH host facility receives:
• a private family room in which to sleep and keep possessions secure
• warm, nutritious evening meals
• self-prepared breakfast each morning
• packed snacks and lunch to go if desired
• gracious hospitality and volunteer support from FFH member congregations

By housing four families each night, FFH has been able to double Fort Collin’s family sheltering capacity
and expand support needed for families to become stabilized and permanently housed. The expected
stay for our guest families is generally up to three months, however FFH retains flexibility due to the
varying stabilization needs of our families upon program entry. For more information about the history
of Faith Family Hospitality and its parent organization Family Housing Network, please go to

Please click on the following link to see how Faith Family Hospitality/Family Housing Network helps
families each and every day:

Please use the following link to see the 2021 Family Housing Network Impact Report:

If you are interested in learning more, or attending a brief training prior to volunteering, please contact
OSLC Coordinators; Jodi Loecke, 970-371-5345, or Eve Bridge, 970-222-8332.

Finally, if you would like to sign up for volunteering at another FFH host site prior to our next OSLC week
in 2023, please click on the following link to sign up: