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Our Beliefs


We believe that the power of church is that together in our brokenness we see Christ.  

Our world is broken, but loved by God.  This describes each of us in our relationship with God as well. We come together to find our common story, and the ways that God is working in it.  We know we don’t have it all together, but we trust that God works through the church.  Our witness is in a loving, grace-filled God that has promised to walk with us in whatever we face.  We believe that when we come together in this manner we see Christ.  Our logo represents 4 broken pieces of glass coming together to create a cross. We see Jesus in and through our brokenness and in and through one another.

As Christians we center our lives on word and sacrament.

The Word is the Holy Scriptures.  We know that God can work in ways that are beyond our understanding, but we trust that in the Bible is God’s word.    The sacraments are Baptism and Communion.  We recognize that in each of these practices we see God taking ordinary elements and making them extraordinary.  We believe God is present in these sacraments, and is present in the lives of all believers.

We seek to better understand how God is working in our world today through worship, learning and service.

As Children of God we believe the best way to live out the promise of baptism is through a life constantly connecting to God’s word, and the world God loves.

 We are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. 

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We know that religion is imperfect in it’s institutions, but we proudly are connected to this greater body because we believe we are better in this world together.  We recognize that we have differences even within our own congregation of how we see God working in our world, but believe that finding a common witness is worth it.

reconciling-in-christReconciling in Christ

We rejoice in the manner in which diversity has enriched, nurtured and challenged our lives and the ministry we share in Christ, and we invite all to participate in Word and Sacrament without discrimination due to race, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity or financial status.