Peg Hoover

Tell us about your family

Mike and I celebrated our 50th Wedding anniversary this year. We have been blessed to have 2 daughters, Tracey and Michelle, and 5 wonderful grandchildren. I have been a Registered Nurse for the past 49 years and family “Resident Nurse / Nanny adviser”

What are some of your hobbies? 

I love crafts, music, (I am learning to play cello) sewing, painting, knitting , reading, baking, and beading. I especially like trying something new to see if I can do it. (My granddaughter is teaching me to tap dance.)

What do you like most about OSLC? 

I love the people and sense of community, inside our walls and out. I am proud of the way the church reaches out to so many in need and is always seeking ways to do more. It is “family” to me. Being a part of Stephen Ministry is a privilege.

Why do you want to serve on church council? 

I want to contribute to the work of our church community in any way I can. I am honored to serve and share in faith growth.

You can reach me at: