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Refugee Resettlement News

Hamidzai family Asylum Hearing: Updated February 2023

On Thursday February 2nd at 10:00am, the Hamidzai family with attorney Brian Nugent went to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services building in Centennial for their Asylum hearing. Halima and children needed to be in attendance but not part of the hearing. Quadratullah
and Brian were in the interview along with an interpreter. The hearing lasted about two hours. When they finished, Brian said they felt pretty good about how the hearing went. The results of the interview will go to a supervisor to review. The family will now have to wait 4-6 months to know if they will receive asylum.
Quadratullah, Halima and Brian again expressed their gratitude for all the prayers. Brian said he could feel the prayers while they were in the hearing. Please continue your prayers for a positive result to the hearing.

Hamidzai Family Update November 6th, 2022

Friday was a special day for Ahmed, Safa and Zainab at Riffenburgh Elementary. They were each chosen by their teachers to receive the Risk Taker Award!

Qudatratullah, Halima, Raid, Bahija and three congregation members attended the assemblies. The first graders met at 8:15am and Ahmed received his Risk Taker Award. He was so proud! At 9:00am the second graders convened and Safa received her Risk Taker Award. Such a big smile on her face and such pride! Finally, at 10:15am the fourth graders met for their assembly and Zainab received her Risk Taker award. She also was so proud and happy.

We are so proud of all the children and what they have accomplished in less than a year. Congratulations to all of them!

Last Sunday was also a fun day for the children, as they carved pumpkins. On Halloween, they enjoyed trick or treating for the first time! So many new traditions!

Volunteers needed for the Hamidzai Family:
The children continue to be involved in school and extra-curricular activities. Raid
is now in pre-school all day at Beattie and rides the school bus to and from school. Ahmad,
Safa and Zainab are at Riffenbaugh and Hamid is now at Lesher Middle School.
Safa, Zainab and Hamid play soccer and Hamid is also is on the Lesher cross-
country team. Bahija is crawling and a very busy nine month old baby. Halima
continues to work at church and also has her English tutoring classes twice a week.
Quadratullah is working for a radon mitigation company.

With all these activities and Q now working days, there are many volunteer
opportunities. There is need to drive Halima and children to church on Wednesday
afternoons, childcare for Bahija several mornings at church, help children with
homework on Wednesdays at church and some other various needs.
If you are able to provide assistance with any of these needs, CLICK HERE to sign up! The family is very grateful for all your help!