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Manna & Mercy Series 2022!

Manna & Mercy

Manna & Mercy:
God’s unfolding promise to the people of God. 

Have you ever attempted to read the Bible and struggled to find a cohesive message?  That’s a pretty normal feeling! After all, the Bible is a collection of 66 books and an outright cohesive story.  This Winter and Spring, join us in Small Group, Worship, and Bible Study to discover the story of God’s revealing Promise through our Series “Manna and Mercy.”

How can you get involved?  Join us in as many of the ways below as you want!

Join a Bible Study and/or a Faith Group or use the materials for your own small group by filling out the form HERE

Pick up the book Manna and Mercy here or in the office to  study along with the series or groups (suggested donation $15)

Participate by attending this Worship Series on Saturdays and Sundays from January 23rd thru May 8th 

Go HERE for Manna & Mercy for Children and Youth