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Lectio Divina

This week is Lectio Divina and it will be a part of our devotion today. Lectio Divina, sounds really fancy and yet the beauty of this practice is in its simplicity. This spiritual practice is a way of reading scripture and allowing it to sink in, be heard more than once, and offer new insights from God’s voice dwelling within us.
Step 1: Lectio– Read or Hear: Read or listen to the scripture two times. Pay attention to what words stand out to you, what places you notice, and what wonderings come to mind.
Step 2: Mediatio–Reflect: Read the passage again, more slowly. Pause when a word or phrase stands out to you. Consider what meaning you are experiencing that relates to your life today.
Step 3: Oratio-Responding: Consider how God has spoken to you in this passage at this time. You may want to respond to God in prayer, or lift up what you noticed or what you wondered.
Step 4: Contemplatio-Remaining: Now take time to simply remain in the presence of God.
Optional addition: journal your experience or share your insights with another person. Consider inviting a friend into this practice and hearing their thoughts and insights.
If you would like to be guided through this practice using the following scripture from our devotion click here: