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Kinetic Spirituality

Kinetic Spirituality is connected to last week’s focus, breath prayer, in its intentionality.  As we focused on breathing last week, this week we also honor our body in motion.  We can even honor that some of us are able to focus better if we are moving.  Kinetic Spirituality is intentionally bringing an awareness of God’s connection to your life through the Spirit while you are in motion or physically exerting yourself. Runners often say this comes naturally for them.  They start talking to God while they run, but perhaps you can just start by walking, stretching or even doing a mundane repetitive task around the house, while intentionally connecting these movements to God.

For my own processing this movement actually clears my mind and allows me to better focus.  To aid this process one might consider praying before and after, or allowing your thought process to focus on a deep faith question, while you move.  The real key as with most spiritual practices is an element of intentionality.  A process of allowing yourself to realize that the task in front of you is not just a normal task, but one that can be connected to God.  As we go through the devotions this week we will encourage you to connect those dots.  Find those places where your daily moves can be sanctified.  Kinetic Spirituality is a reminder that we are never just “going through the motions.”  Our motions are a gift from God.