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Confirmation at Home 6th & 7th Grades

Below you will find the assignments if you miss a class as well as the home devotions! The most recent will be on top!

October 11th: Daily Prayer/Practicing our Faith

Catechism at Home session 3

September 13th, 2020–Welcome and What is the Catechism?

Confirmation Home Devotions

September 27th–Luther

Homework for the weeks of September 27-October 10th:Catechism 2 student at home work

For the At Home Lesson for Sept. 27  please email Pastor Leta (due to copyright restrictions of posting some of the material)


October 25th: Ten commandments part 1

November 8th: Ten commandments part 2

November 22nd: Living Faith Daily

December 6th: Advent/Christmas Celebration 

January 10th: Creeds

January 24th: Creeds

February 7th: Meet your mentor/opening worship–Mentoring topic: Lord’s Prayer

February and March Mentoring

March 28th: Closing mentoring worship

April 11th: Baptism

April 25th: Confession

May 9th: Communion

May 23rd: Last class for year and celebration