Tyann Kuehnast

How long have you been a member at OSLC?

Moving here from Minnesota in 1967, we searched for a Lutheran church. Our Saviours was welcoming, warm, innovative and through the years not just a church, but our church family.

Tell us about your family?

My husband Al and I have 2 grown children (both baptized and confirmed at Our Saviours) Our parents and grandparents were from Iowa and many relatives still live in the mid-west.

What are some of your hobbies?

A retired teacher, I love attending theatre, traveling and socializing.

What do you like most about OSLC?

The people! They give me the support and reminder of living out God’s love and kindness.

Why do you want to serve on church council?

I don’t take for granted the mission and strength of what Our Saviours has been, is, and will continue to be. I welcome the chance to support and serve. (I could represent the Saturday evening service worshippers.)

You can reach me at: council@our-saviours.org