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Wednesday Lent Devotionals


My Soul Magnifies the Lord

Weekly Devotional

The following devotions will be shared over four weeks. We encourage you to find a small group of people to go through these questions and study with.  Read the scripture, watch the video clips and spend a few minutes on each question.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
The Season of Lent
2 Timothy 3:16-17
Theme Connection – As all scripture can magnify God so can all people, and indeed our study together is a gift of the spirit.
Video Connection:
In our video clip today we have a scene from “With Honors” in a classroom debating the constitution. The character played by Joe Peschi is a homeless man who has become close with one student. It connects to our gospel as we consider absolutes.
To watch the video clip from “With Honors”:
Wednesday Extra:
Devotion: This scripture is the ultimate proof text for those who say the word of God is inerrant. “It says it right there pastor, ‘All scripture is useful for reproof, correction, and for training in righteousness!’” It does say that, but of course there are a couple of important matters that it doesn’t answer and the one to start with is that this scripture was written before our bible existed! What does the author (Paul or otherwise) of Timothy believe this scripture is that is useful? The Bible as we know it did not exist at the time of the writing of this word from 2 Timothy and some things that were shared are lost and others have all together been thrown out.
That leaves us with a conundrum of sorts. We aren’t trying to erode the gift that the Bible is as you read it, and yet at the same time I think it’s important that we stand up to those who claim authority through scripture that focuses around a few cherry picked versus. We must also then clarify what we believe. Perhaps that is the true reality. That we do indeed subscribe to Luther’s belief that some scripture is more important than others. The challenge of course is to determine what that scripture is.
To center ourselves we begin by remembering that ultimately the word we can trust in is the word made flesh in Jesus Christ. Secondly we trust that the Holy Spirit is present and guides us now in how we interpret the word of God. Third, we trust that God is active and alive in our world today and calls us to wrestle with the scriptures. And Fourth we remind ourselves that walking humbly with God we always left to realize that we do not determine God’s actions.
Consider some of the following questions for small group:
Share a time where you were insulted by how Christians were using scripture to hurt others?
What scripture do you use as a lens to interpret other scripture?
Where have you experienced God at work in our world today?
In our video clip Joe Peschi answers a question asked by an arrogant professor, How do we respond humbly yet assertively to arrogant views of scripture that do not leave room for another person’s interpretation.
Stories of Scripture can help us to understand our own lives. Can you share a story from scripture that speaks to you?
How does your reading of scripture magnify the Lord