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Praying Together: Together in Faith Preschool

Welcome! Here is your online Together in Faith Resource for Preschoolers praying together!

Video Option: Watch this video as Pastor Leta leads you through a time together.


Read Mark 10 13:-16. Recommended children’s Bibles are: Growing in God’s Love Storybook Bible, Frolic Preschool Bible, Whirl Storybook Bible. These are available from Pastor Leta or you can find online. You are welcome to use any Bible you have!

  • Why did the children want to come to Jesus?
  • What would you ask Jesus if he was here? 
  • Jesus friends were worried about the children coming–but what did Jesus say? 

Ways to Pray: Practice different ways to pray! How many ways can you hold your hands or move your body into a prayer position? Try out some new things! (kneeling, hands folded, hands open, standing with arms open, etc)

When do we Pray? Talk about this together and think of all the times you can pray during a day. Act out those times for one another or play a charades like game to make it fun!

Make a Prayer Book: using construction paper (or whatever paper you have) fold it in half and place the prayer sheet that is below inside the other piece of paper. Staple them together like a book. Trace your child’s hand on the front and write ______’s Prayer Book. Then have your child draw a picture of each time of day that goes with the prayer and read the prayers together.

Pick one prayer to learn together! Practice it! You can use the video above to see hand signs for the prayers. For the meal time prayer, record your child saying the prayer and we will use in worship if you desire!

Prayer book page: prayersforkids

Blessing: Bless one another by making a sign of the cross on your heads and say “Thank you God that ______ can pray to talk to you”