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Breath Prayer

Breath Prayer is a way of using your mind, heart, and body to pray. The basic practice is to breathe in one word or phrase, hold, and then breath out another word or phrase. For example, setting into a comfortable spot and closing your eyes. Breathe normally for about a minute. Then begin by taking a deep breath as you think the words, “The Lord is my shepherd”. Take the breath slowly, from the depths of the belly. Then hold your breath for 4-10 seconds, and as you slowly let your breath out think and pray the words “I shall not want.” Repeat this several times, seeing if you can make your breaths longer and deeper. It may feel awkward at first, but relax into it and let the spirit just be your guide.

There are many words or phrases you can use:

Breathe in: Holy Spirit…  Breathe out: breathe in me…

Breathe in: Speak Lord… Breathe out: your servant is here (1st Samuel 3:9-10)

Breathe in: Into your hands… Breathe out:  I commit my spirit (Psalm 22)

Breathe in: Ask God a question ….. Then Breathe out:  God  guide me in your way.

Each day in the devotion we will suggest a different breath prayer. Give it a try!