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Advocacy as Spiritual Practice

The first time I heard advocacy mentioned as a spiritual practice, I was not quite sure what that meant or what it would look like, as you may be wondering now. Advocacy is the action of being willing to accompany those in need in a variety of ways. Advocacy can be using our voices to speak up for a person or group in need of compassion and/or justice. Advocacy can be writing letters, learning more about an issue, or meeting someone new to you. Advocacy can also be our prayers, specific prayers for specific situations, people, issues, needs. When we take time to learn, we self examine and we talk to God and then we can have words or actions that fit who we are and who God is calling us to be. This week, just learn. Learn what it means to be an advocate for something you care about or something you have heard about. Learn about the issue or place or people and take this learning into prayer. There are also ways you can take action, if it’s an issue that could use a letter to a representative of you, write it. If it’s a place that needs support financially, give. If it’s a neighbor who could use a pick me up, bake. If it’s something deeply weighing on you, pray and breathe as you wait for the Holy Spirit to show you the way. In keeping with being bold this week in our photos and reflections and prayers, embrace the boldness that is breathed into you.