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Psalm Season

This week for our Spiritual Practice, I want us to think about lament and to dig into the Psalms, with the help of the writers from PsalmSeason and their varying Spiritual backgrounds. Below I commend to you the intro piece from PsalmSeason, a piece about lament, and an invitation from the creators on how to engage with this series. Each day this week Pr. Leta or I will reflect on a psalm, and provide you a link to content from the PsalmSeason resource.
“We invite all those who visit the PsalmSeason platform, to consider taking three simple actions:
1. Spend some quiet time reflecting on the biblical texts and interpretations offered on our site. What are some key insights or questions that emerge for you?
2. Share your insights and questions with at least one other person. Who might be a helpful companion in this journey? Who might benefit from such a conversation?
3. Create your own commentary on the PsalmSeason materials you explore, be it in the form of poetry, music, dance, or drama. As you do so, ask yourself how this process might help you grow as an individual and contribute more deeply to a world in dire need of healing “